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About SAF

“…an opportunity to hear, discuss and assess some of the important new discoveries and reinterpretations of material, either published or unpublished as yet, by all those working in the archaeological discipline in Scotland. (SAF, 1969)

The Scottish Archeological Forum (SAF) was established in 1969.

Its main purpose is organising conferences and workshops furthering and promoting archaeological research in Scotland.  

SAF is currently run by a committee of postgraduate and early career archaeologists.

Conference organisation is handled by a sub-committee of members.

An upcoming symposium is in planning for October 2023.

In the past, conference themes have included topics as diverse as nationalism and archaeology, medieval or later rural settlement, and industrial archaeology.


More recent conference proceedings have been published as edited volumes.

List of earlier proceedings from 1961-1981 is available here with a view to being digitised and made accessible via this website in the near future.

To find out more about SAF, contact us here.


To become a member, simply fill out the form on our website’s home page.

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