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Roots of Nationhood the archaeology and history of scotland


Roots of nationhood: the archaeology and history of  Scotland

edited by Louisa Campbell, Dene Wright and Nicola A. Hall
218 pages
ISBN: 978-1784919825
Archaeopress Archaeology
Scottish odyssey the archaeology of islands


Scottish odysseys: the archaeology of islands

edited by Gordon Noble, Tessa Poller, John Raven and Lucy Verrill
192 pages
ISBN: 978-075244168
Tempus Publishing
Modern views - ancient lands: new work and thought on cultural landscapes
edited by Emma Carver and Olivia Lelong
British Archaeological Reports
Townships to farmsteads: rural settlement studies in Scotland, England and Wales
edited by John A. Atkinson, Iain Banks and Gavin MacGregor
British Archaeological Reports
The loved body's corruption: archaeological contributions to the study of human mortality
edited by Jane Downes and Tony Pollard
Cruithne Press
Read a review here
Nationalism and archaeology
edited by J.A. Atkinson, I. Banks and J. O'Sullivan
Cruithne Press
Beyond the brochs: changing perspectives on the later Iron Age in Atlantic Scotland
edited by Ian Armit
Edinburgh University Press
Proceedings 1961-1981
During this period, conferences were run annually and the proceedings of each published in a series. These 12 volumes are no longer available for purchase but are held at University and National Libraries. Details of these volumes are listed here
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