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SAF Proceedings 1969-1981

During this period, conferences were run annually and the proceedings of each published in a series. These 12 volumes are no longer available for purchase but are held at University and National Libraries. Details of these volumes are listed here. We are in the process of digitising these volumes.

SAF Edited Volumes

Roots of Nationhood the archaeology and history of scotland


Roots of nationhood: the archaeology and history of  Scotland

edited by Louisa Campbell, Dene Wright and Nicola A. Hall
218 pages
ISBN: 978-1784919825
Archaeopress Archaeology
Scottish odyssey the archaeology of islands


Scottish odysseys: the archaeology of islands

edited by Gordon Noble, Tessa Poller, John Raven and Lucy Verrill
192 pages
ISBN: 978-075244168
Tempus Publishing
Modern views - ancient lands: new work and thought on cultural landscapes
edited by Emma Carver and Olivia Lelong
British Archaeological Reports
Townships to farmsteads: rural settlement studies in Scotland, England and Wales
edited by John A. Atkinson, Iain Banks and Gavin MacGregor
British Archaeological Reports
The loved body's corruption: archaeological contributions to the study of human mortality
edited by Jane Downes and Tony Pollard
Cruithne Press
Read a review here
Nationalism and archaeology
edited by J.A. Atkinson, I. Banks and J. O'Sullivan
Cruithne Press
Beyond the brochs: changing perspectives on the later Iron Age in Atlantic Scotland
edited by Ian Armit
Edinburgh University Press
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