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Conference theme and topics

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Conference dates 23rd-24th October 2021

Online and in-person presentations

50 years on from Scottish Archaeological Forum’s founding, this conference aims to reflect on archaeology’s place in modern Scotland and look forward to its relevance for future generations. By examining the issues facing archaeology today and innovative approaches to archaeological practice, we hope to open a discussion on how we can build the future of Scottish archaeology that we want. 


SAF is run by a committee of postgraduate archaeologists working in Scotland. We invite submissions from people researching across all aspects of Scottish archaeology and are particularly keen to hear from people from traditionally marginalised groups. Speakers will not be required to pay for a ticket to the conference and limited funds are available for travel expenses.  


Subject to any restrictions, we are hoping to have a blended conference, with attendees and speakers participating both online and in person at the University of Glasgow. If this is not possible the conference will be moved to entirely online. The conference will comprise 20-minute papers sorted into thematic panels. Following the conference there will be opportunity to be published in the proceedings.  

Papers will explore the following topics: 


Archaeologies of Climate Change

How did changing climatic conditions affect people in the past? Do archaeologies of climate change have lessons for the future? Is there a role for archaeology in the current climate crisis? 

Nationalism and Identity in Archaeology 

How is archaeology used to reflect and shape identities? How is archaeology mobilised in nationalist agendas? And what challenges does this present to archaeologists? 

Innovative Engagement in Archaeology 

Sharing new methods and strategies to communicate archaeology in innovative and creative ways. 

Community Archaeology 

Archaeology for, with, or by the public? Recognising the critical importance of community archaeology and avocational activity to wider disciplinary practice, heritage management, and collaborative research development.  


New Approaches to Old Material 

Reflecting on past archaeological practice in the present. The impact of technological advancements or new methodologies and the potential of old data for new insight.  


New Research Directions

An invitation to present exciting new findings and introduce new or on-going research projects. 


SAF are committed to ensuring this conference is as inclusive as possible so please contact us at if you require any specific accommodations or have any concerns.


The official language of the conference will be English.

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