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Join Us!

We are looking for new members to join the sub-committee to plan our next conference in 2023! Members of the committee will have the opportunity to build on the success of our 2021 conference, SAF’s first in 10 years, which had over 100 attendees and was well reviewed by both presenters and attendees. The sub-committee will be supported by the SAF committee to plan and run a two-day conference in a topic relating to Scottish archaeology. This is an excellent opportunity for postgraduate students to connect with the Scottish archaeological community while gaining skills and experience in putting on a successful academic conference. Members of the sub-committee will also have the chance to influence the future direction of SAF. There will be opportunity to create a publication based on the conference.


Each member of the sub-committee will be assigned a particular role relevant to their experience and interests. This can be tailored to the amount of time available. These roles will all be supported by the main committee. This is not a big time commitment beyond the run up to the conference itself.


No specific experience is required and committee members will gain skills in:

  • project management

  • funding and grant applications

  • networking

  • communication,

  • event planning

  • publication


If you have any questions please contact Orla Craig at


To apply please fill in this application form by the 30th September 2022

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